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The work with Lobo Marinho, (sea lion) which forms the wall of the artist Bordallo II was inaugurate by the President of the Government, Saturday June 8, at 18 o’clock. The initiative is part of the celebration of World Oceans Day, which is affected every year by about eight million tons of plastic.

Artur Bordalo has 150 works “Trash Animals” in 23 countries.

In statements published on Facebook from the government, the artist says that “the idea I have is to create images of the victims of pollution and the action of man exactly with what destroys them, with what kills them. The world is being destroyed and I am creating images with what destroys it, with what destroys nature, which degrades it. ”

I saw this Saturday morning while in Câmara de Lobos, pretty impressive piece of art. Some photos below I took including the new Pestana Churchill Bay Hotel.