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Moved by faith, Keith Wheeler undertook to travel the world carrying a 12-foot wooden cross (about 3.6 meters).

It has travelled through more than 175 countries, in every continent.

This month of June he arrived in Portugal and, last week, passed through Madeira. Keith Wheeler made a point of sharing on his facebook page photographs of the sites he passed through. Ponta do Garajau, near Cristo Rei, was one of the places visited. It is known that the visit to Portugal also includes a passage through the Azores.

On the visit to Madeira, he was surprised by two rainbows on the same day, one in the morning and the other at the end of the day. “God gave us a rainbow to welcome us on the road in the morning and closed our day with another.” “He wants to fill this land with his glory,” Keith wrote on his Facebook page.

This adventure began in 1985, when this man from Oklahoma (USA) felt that God was speaking to him. He asked me to carry a cross through the streets of Tulsa on Good Friday and Keith Wheeler to be a pilgrim of peace, spreading a message of love on the roads of the world.

Keith Wheeler has accepted the challenge and has since gone through places like Tibet, Iran, Iraq, China and even Antarctica. He toured the Middle East, North Africa and many other countries of the ‘Iron Curtain’ before the political changes. Keith carried the cross through many warring nations, such as Libya, Bosnia, Rwanda, the region of Chechnya and Bethlehem during the impasse in the Church of the Nativity.

All of your adventures and the images you’ve gone through have been placed on a page created for this purpose, and more recently you’ve also been sharing experiences and photos on his Facebook page.