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New Travel Agency

The Regional Secretary of Tourism to visit the “Newest Agency” of Madeira Tourism!

Last week the Madeira Regional Secretary of Tourism, Engineer Paula Cabaço and the Regional Director of Madeira Tourism, Dr. Dorita Mendonça, visited the latest Madeira Travel Agency in the island, “Pearl of the Atlantic Madeira”.

Paula Cabaço and Dorita Mendonça were “surprised” upon their arrival at the Agency’s temporary facilities with a performance of the Folk Group from Santo António Cultural Center, which made them extremely “happy” and at the same time amazed since they did not expect such a reception which motivated a “thank you, Duarte”, words addressed to the head of the Travel Agency.

The meeting served to strengthen institutional relations with the head of the company and pass on the message from the Madeira Regional Government “there is total availability” to collaborate with all companies in promoting Madeira. At the time the Secretary took the opportunity to congratulate the whole company staff, since this is the most recent “Travel Agency in the Island”. In this perspective she addressed the greatest wishes to the “Pérola do Atlântico” (name of the company in Portuguese) curiously the same nickname which the island of Madeira became internationally famous.

The head of the Madeira Tourism in the Government of Miguel Albuquerque valued the project of this Agency that classified it as “bold” and at the same time extolled its line of orientation that in her opinion is “looking for new attractions by tourists”, always with the purpose of quality, ingredient according the Secretary “essential” so that Madeira can remain competitive with all international markets.

After a long conversation with the head of the company, where she showed great curiosity in knowing everything that the company proposes to do in the tourist market, Paula Cabaço, praised the work that the Madeira Regional Government has done with its partners and private companies in the tourism sector “in perfect harmony and articulation”, because only in this way all “we win”.

To finish the leader of the tourism sector in the region, thanked the presence of the Folklore Group of Santo António for its extraordinary “performance” and emphasized that folklore is a “very important Heritage that the Region has, folklore is culture “and in this aspect she enjoyed the presence of the members of the group, because in her view Folklore is also a” vehicle of transmission “of Tourism and promotion of Madeira.

The head of the company, Duarte Nuno, in his behalf, thanked the presence of the Regional Secretary and the Regional Director of Madeira Tourism, because in his view “this is a historic date for the company.”

The Madeiran businessman also praised the Government’s “openness” to the knowledge of the work carried out by the private sector in the area of Tourism, since, according to its train of thought, “if we walk all together we go further than walking alone” .

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