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Madeira’s Operational Plan to Combat Forest Fires (POCIF), which enters into force on June 15, represents an investment by the Regional Government of 1.1 million euros, 600 thousand of which are allocated to the air environment.

Among the main objectives of the plan are the permanent guarantee of the security of the citizens, the safeguarding of their assets, heritage and the environment and to continue to preserve the forest area, in order to enhance its natural renewal and allow its the entire resident and visiting population.

The POCIF will be in force between June 15 and October 15, with a permanent intervention device, which may be reinforced, prolonged or anticipated if justified.

The plan will count for the second consecutive year on the use of the helicopter – an initial attack helicopter (HEATI) with its own team.

The HEATI will be used at the expense of the Regional Budget (as in 2018), although the Regional Government argues that this should be a State responsibility.