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Praia Formosa is the area that best meets the ground mooring point of the new international submarine cable ‘Ellalink’. This is even clear from the area that has been studied in the last two days by the ship ‘OGS Explora’, which is in preparation for the launch of the infrastructure that will connect Brazil (Fortaleza) to Portugal (Sines), with points in Madeira and Cape Verde.

To confirm the option of Praia Formosa, will be the second submarine cable to stay connected in the same zone. It was also in this area of ​​Funchal that in May 2003 a cable was moored from PT Comunicações (now Altice), which included a connection to the Azores and another connection between Porto da Cruz and Porto Santo.

Launch of submarine cable with 7 thousand kilometers improves communication networks for Madeira
“We are entering a 5G network, in a digital era par excellence. This cable will allow a greater amount of data to circulate in the same fiber, with more operators and at a much higher speed “, says Pedro Calado

The vice president of the Regional Government of Madeira was aboard the ship “OGS Explora”, which is conducting the sea for the launch of the submarine cable that will connect Brazil to Europe. For Pedro Calado, this is another step for the Region to have more and better fiber optic communication networks, assuming a privileged position in this area.

The cable is due to start being launched later this year, beginning of the next, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, beginning of 2021, the project is completed.

Exemplifying some of the advantages, Calado points out that “the amount of data that is processed in the country is seven terabytes. With this cable we will move to 18 terabytes, more than double the capacity of data production that is now used in Portugal. We are in a very advanced digital and information age and that is why the Madeira Electricity Company and the Regional Government come together to make this type of investment. ”

According to the official, this is a new stage after last year, the contract for the supply of a submarine cable connection was signed between Emacom – Telecomunicações da Madeira, a company of the group of Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira (EEM), and Ellalink Ireland Limited, an underwater communications operator with its registered office in Dublin, which represents an investment of 13.6 million euros.

At this moment, as Pedro Calado said, “This ship is doing the underwater survey to see where and in what areas the cable can pass. It is a cable that will have an extension of approximately seven thousand kilometres, connecting Fortaleza and Sines, and we will connect Madeira to this cable. ”

According to Pedro Calado, “we are entering a 5G network, in a digital era par excellence. This cable will allow a greater amount of data to circulate in the same fiber, with more operators and at a speed far superior to the one that exists and at much cheaper costs. We can have not just one operator like the current one but two or three telecom operators at a much better quality of information and much faster. ”

This improvement in the quality of telecommunications, according to Pedro Calado, will also be determinant as a factor of attraction of investment for Madeira and for Porto Santo, as it will correspond to the needs of the entrepreneurs, for example, companies related to the technological areas, who will have a quality service here and at lower costs.

That is why, according to the vice-president of the Regional Government, the new submarine cable will be “a great advantage for Madeira. With this investment, we are also entering a very advanced stage of technological development compared to other countries. “