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Frente Mar Funchal reported this afternoon that the parking lot of Praia Formosa – along the viaduct of the Estrada Monumental – is finally open. This happens almost one month after the start of the bathing season and one week after the beginning of summer.

“Running daily, this space is free access,” notes the municipal company.

Thus opened (finally) this Friday, the last working day of June, the municipal car park on the beach Formosa.The free car park located at the entrance of the access road to the bathing area – opposite the viaduct of the Monumental Road – remained closed, although we are already in the summer and the bathing season in Formosa has been in force for almost a month – since the day 1 of June.

Last Tuesday, the 25th, the Diario Noticias questioned the Municipality of Funchal for (still) closing of said free parking, as advertised on the information plate placed on the spot … all year round. After two days – with cleaning work taking place in the area in question – the response given by the Frente Mar (FMF), the municipal company with the management and exploitation of public spaces and urban public parking in Funchal, said that “the opening of the municipal parking lot in Praia Formosa will happen next weekend. ” This would come to action today, FMF announced on its Facebook page this afternoon.