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A lot of you have messaged me wondering what the military plane is doing flying so low over the coast of Funchal.

This is a straight translation from Jornal Madeira.

Throughout this Saturday, in the People’s Square, the 1st Military Parachute Tournament, in the mode of Landing Precision.

Many onlookers stopped to see the first skydivers in People’s Square, longing to see the landings would be accurate or not. The School Sport is associated with this event, being an event that counts on the presence of groups such as the Acrobatic Gymnastics nucleus of the School of Santa Cruz, who performed in this first part, as well as students of the schools of Calheta, Ribeira Brava and of São João.

On that occasion, Regional Director of Education, Marco Gomes, emphasized to JM that “it makes sense to join Sports School to this demonstration, because it is thus possible to show what is good in the Region at this level.” It also reveals a “great satisfaction” to see Madeira receiving an event of this category, above all for marking a date as important as this one, the Children’s Day, as well as the Day of the Operational Command and the Military Zone of Madeira.

There are even more jumps inserted in this competition, with the scheduled for the 12 and to the 15 hours, followed of delivery of prizes.

Also at the Madeira International Airport Cristiano Ronaldo there are activities dedicated to the youngest on this Children’s Day. Children from ten counties of the island of Madeira have a unique opportunity here to do their baptism of flight.