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It is marine life in its purest form. This afternoon, in one of the trips operated by a company dedicated to the tourist animation in the seas of Madeira, it was possible to discover the way a Marracho Shark feeds.

Sensing the presence of humans or, in this case, according to their instinct, targeting potential threats to their ecosystem, the shark that is known to inhabit our waters was seen feeding on a fish that it had hunted, not being possible to identify whether it is a tuna or another shark.

“He thinks we want to eat the fish, so he approaches to get the message that the prey is his,” says the tour guide as the shark approaches the vessel.

In addition, this shark is expected to weigh between 100 and 200 kilograms, a species which, by the way, has been mistakenly caught at this time of year, due to the tuna fishing.