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I have been sent this email below, can anyone help in anyway, please leave a comment below or send me an email at [email protected]

Do you have any knowledge or can you put my request out there that I am searching to find a church band/ choir who wear a similar polo shirt to these pictures.
I had a serious fall last November and a very kind man helped, supported and translated for me to the ambulance crew. I am returning in the summer and would love to thank him in person and give him a bottle of Scotch Whisky as a token of my appreciation of his support on what was a horrible accident for me.
The photos were as near as I could get to the top the gentleman was wearing, light blue polo shirt. The shape of the logo was the one with the writing round the outside but the writing was in Portuguese, the actual Madonna was more like the the single figure.
I have emailed some churches & tourist information office with no success. He may have been visiting the island but I think he was a local.