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The deadly victim of the motorcycle accident that occurred this morning at Estrada da Eira do Serrado is a businessman from Curral das Freiras, in the area of ​​restoration.

Vítor Henriques also had some commercial spaces in Funchal.

It is recalled that a motorcycle clash in Estrada da Eira do Serrado killed a 39-year-old man this morning and seriously injured a 50-year-old woman.

As JM reported earlier this morning, and according to a police source, the causes of the accident may be related to the speeding that caused the motorcycle to lose control. Due to the clash, the victims were projected several meters. The man, it seems, the driver of the vehicle, was seriously injured in the head and body, when it was projected for a road adjacent to the main road, having entered a cardiorespiratory arrest. Despite the efforts of the relief teams of the Portuguese Red Cross and EMIR, the death was declared on the spot.

The woman is in critical condition. She was rescued by another team from CVP and EMIR, having been admitted to the hospital with severe injuries to the lower limbs and basin, as well as several bruises on the body