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Warning, below there are photos of the dead dogs, photos to shock and make people aware I hope.

The Association helps feed dogs(Associação Ajuda a Alimentar Cães) reported on Saturday that three newborn dogs were found dead in a levada in Zona da Penteada, in São Roque.

The content of the publication is as follows: “We do not know when people will understand that sterilisation is the only way to end these terrible events. Three newborns were found yesterday (Saturday) in a levada already dead in the zone of the Penteada in São Roque, more precisely in the Entrance of the Olive.

The Association Helps Feeding Dogs asks all people in this area to watch out for the neighbours bitches who were pregnant and mysteriously no longer have their babies. We live on such a small Island where we know everything and we do not believe that nobody knows where these little ones came from. Being silent is also being ruthless and competing with this crime. We promise secrecy. “

Very True the ones that know about this crime are as much to blame as the owners themselves, lets hope they don’t sleep at night…..