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I hadn’t put this horrific story on my blog with video, but it was about a dog who was found with its testicles all tied up with fishing line. Very upsetting to see the poor animal in such a state.

The dog rescued this Thursday in Machico by veterinarians from the clinic Auqmia, where the dog was tied in the area of ​​the testicles is being treated, and doctors are confident in their recovery.

“Ken is stabilizing, the wire was removed and he was medicated for pain control. Let’s wait and see if it is necessary to perform a more complex surgery to remove the penis or not. We are confident in his recovery. Because in the middle of it all we have only hope, “wrote the clinic in a publication made on their social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Recall that the dog was rescued yesterday in a state of extreme agony, and that those responsible for the rescue appeal to anyone who has information about the authorship of this heinous act to contact PSP or GNR.