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The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, will visit the refurbishment works of Quinta Magnolia, now concluded, at 5 pm.

Also tomorrow opens to the public, taking advantage of the reopening of the Quinta Magnolia, in the museum space created there, in the “Mother House”, the exhibition “In Journey”, in what will be the largest collective project of Contemporary Art carried out in Madeira, in the last years.

Regarding the work of landscaping and environmental re qualification of the ‘Quinta Magnolia’, the work included the re qualification of the whole farm in terms of outdoor and garden spaces. This is in addition to the rehabilitation of the main building and sports grounds, notably the tennis courts, squash court and maintenance circuit.

The renovation made it possible to create three paddle courts and other spaces to support sports activities.

The work was awarded for 2,885,000 euros and encompassed an intervention area of ​​35,000 square meters.

Remember that this farmhouse was once the headquarters of the British Country Club until it was acquired by the Regional Government.

With the rehabilitation work of the property, namely the restoration of the main house, thematic, temporary and permanent exhibitions can be organised, as well as the creation of a restaurant at ground level, recovering part of its initial function.

Still in the restoration field, the bar and its terrace were recovered, and it is foreseen to allocate its exploitation to private parties by tender.

A small house of recent construction will be adapted to artistic residence or studio, where workshops of creative or gardening events can be held for the younger audience.

This project also includes the rehabilitation of the magnificent gardens and classification of species, in partnership with the Botanical Garden.

The project also underwent the rehabilitation of pedestrian trails and itineraries for the enjoyment of visitors, repair of tennis courts and the creation of three paddle courts in the current pool area. This in addition to the implementation of an area with animals, especially birds.

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