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The automatic renewal of the citizens’ card and the driving license on time are two of the 119 measures provided for in the iSimplex 2019 administrative simplification program which will be released today alongside the Simplex + 2018 balance sheet.

The automatic renewal of the citizen card is one of the measures provided for in the new program, which aims to simplify people’s lives and improve efficiency in Public Administration.

In recent times long queues and delays have been reported in citizen card renewal applications.

The automatic renewal of the document will be applied in cases that “do not require the collection of biometric data” and will be “by means of the mere payment of an ATM reference sent by SMS together with the notice of expiry”.

Another measure is the drivers license at the time, which aims to “make the driving license available on the day it is requested, by paying an additional fee,” according to the office of the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization.

Among the measures that will be presented today is the Immigration Desk, which aims to simplify and merge the visa and residence permit procedures, creating a one-stop shop with consulates and their partners, “to ensure that citizens foreigners wishing to enter the national territory to reside there only have to contact one person “.

According to the ministry, “this simplified regime will also be used to grant residence permits to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), when citizens who are already in the national territory.”