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The Left Bloc went to the Hospital Nélio Mendonça, in an initiative that sought to “defend the need to strengthen investment in the public health service so that it is accessible to all.”

At the time, Paulino Ascenção said that “the delayed surgeries are a tragedy and evidence of the incompetence of this Government.” “In round numbers, we have gone from 15,000 to 20,000 in the last four years, and the secretary is saying that in four years he will solve the problem? It is not serious,” he adds, questioning who is the vice president of the Regional Government Pedro Calado wants to “cheat” when he says that “health in Madeira is well and it is recommended”.

“The waiting lists for surgeries are three times bigger in Madeira than in the rest of the country, it is the problem, it is a problem created by the PSD, it results from the political choices and not from the will of the professionals, and it is not credible that who created the problem now it will solve it, “adds the party’s coordinator, stressing that” those who have surgery on hold have their lives conditioned, they produce less, they can get lower and suffer depression – they are costs for the state “and that” waiting time can only aggravate the situation and lead to a more costly intervention than immediate intervention. “

Paulino Ascenção said that “when it comes to children, this is criminal, they are people who are growing and delays can be dramatic for a lifetime. It requires a little humanity to the Regional Government to give priority to surgeries children and teenagers. “

“There are inverted priorities of the PSD. The operating block has been known for 6 years as lacking urgent works, they will be postponed once again. There is an unplanned strategy of busting the public service to feed private health care, very profitable and appetising “. “That is why the necessary change can not go through fulfilling this strategy of directing to the private, that would be to give the gold to the bandit. The change of policy is to strengthen the means of Public Service, especially human, to improve the response for all” 

“In the immediate future, recourse to the private sector seems to be a good solution, but in the long run it aggravates the problems of the lack of means by the public sector and aggravates the dependence on the private ones. The greater power they have the greater the blackmail they can do, profits and never to improve the response to citizens. The more investment in the public service the more guarantees of having affordable health care for everyone, because the private is only for some – who can afford it.

Translated from JM