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Whoever throws the cigarette butts to the ground will pay between 25 and 250 euros of fine. The consensus on the fines was reached on Tuesday in Parliament. For establishments that allow smoking, and do not provide ashtrays, penalties start at 250 and can reach 2,500 euros.

The standard was approved this Tuesday in Parliament in the Committee on Environment and results from a proposed amendment submitted by the PSD that should be attributed to cigarette butts. However, there is a year of adaptation, until the authorities start to fine.

The diploma, which had already been approved in general, is now going to the final global vote next Friday, July 19, and should go into effect immediately.

The value of the fines was precisely the point of greatest disagreement, since the initial proposal intended that the penalties to start at 500 euros. The PS suggested that values ​​be defined during the regulation, but the PSD proposal eventually met with consensus, setting lower fines.

I will be more than happy to see fines being given left right and centre, and all businesses that don’t have ashtrays on tables, should be fined heavily from the start.

Taken from JM