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The deputy mayor of Funchal, Idalina Perestrelo, continued to follow today the first municipal campaign against animal abandonment, which, over the next month, includes more than a dozen actions with a view to sensitise the entire population to the such practices, which are currently punishable by law.

Today, the campaign’s actions continued, with an animal adoption fair promoted by the Vasco Gil Municipal Kennel, which took place in Largo do Chafariz. The campaign runs until tomorrow, Thursday, where it will be open from 9:30 am to 12 noon on the Central Plate, and Idalina Perestrelo stressed that this is, first of all, “a sensitisation exercise promoted by the technicians of the Environment Department, but with the increase animal adoptions in the Vasco Gil Kennel and Cattery. ”

“In 2019, more than 200 animals have already been adopted in the Municipal Kennel, but we want actions like this one to help to increase these numbers, because animal collection continues to be much higher than adoptions. One way to combat abandonment is to promote responsible adoption by raising awareness in our community about the rights of animals and the duties to which all bearers are subject. This is also a focus on raising awareness for younger generations, because young people are agents of change and their influence is often crucial to transforming behaviours. ”

Until August 25th, the Municipality also prepared awareness videos for various platforms, fixed advertising in public space with mupi, tarpaulins and posters, and proximity actions in the city buildings, such as the Department of Environment and Loja do Munícipe. There will also be some  activities, as well as employee awareness emails and distribution of flyers on the water bill. The Funchal City Council will count on the support of several partners in this campaign, such as Vetmedis, Dogtel or Happy One.