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Hi All,

I now have copies of Madeira Now with me. Books are at a discount of 25% and cost 6.00 euros instead of 8.00 euros, for all blog readers.

I can get Books to people in the Canico, Santa Cruz area, please let me know and I will arrange with you. Email me at – [email protected]

Email James at – [email protected]  Books needed on the West of the Island West of Funchal.

Email Martim at – [email protected] Books needed in Funchal, Martim will deliver on his scooter to all hotels and you can also arrange a place to meet.

Books can also be collected at the Madeira Active Monthly Dinners 

Delivered Worldwide – Order online with the discount applied, you will need to pay postage which has already been subsidised, and books delivered worldwide. http://www.madeiranow.org/special-offer/

Please note all old discount cards are now expired.

If anyone has questions please let me know. Those of you that have already emailed me I will be in touch in the next week.