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The United States of America celebrates Independence Day tomorrow and Madeira wine has be referenced to be included in the celebrations. It was with our wine that the founders of the nation offered the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. But this year there is one more reason to talk about it. The Liberty Hall Museum in New Jersey (very close to New York), will put for the first time on public display a very rare collection of Madeira Wine bottles dating back to the time of the Declaration of Independence. The story was reported on my blog HERE

The bottles, some of them from 1796, were discovered by mere chance. The museum building was built in 1772 as the residence of New Jersey’s first governor-elect, William Livingston. Recently, during remodelling works, the workers overturned a false wall and discovered an old winery, with about two hundred bottles, many of them Madeira Wine. “I was going to throw them away and fortunately I did not, because it came to be perceived that they are quite rare,” John Kean, chairman of the museum’s founding, told a report issued by CBS yesterday.

A portion of the old winery’s finding was already auctioned at the end of last year. The highest bid was for a bottle of Madeira Wine dated 1846 and that was sold for $ 39,000 (about 34,500 euros).