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The area where a seller of fruit has been installed so far will be optimised so that it can be enjoyed by anyone, giving a new life to Largo do Phelps. “
Fernão Ornelas fruit
Today, the space was already vacant for the intervention to take place. The fruit sale was provisionally moved to a nearby area.

Fernão Ornelas street furniture 2

Fernão Ornelas street furniture 3
There will be street benches with a format thought to value that space, all with their own illumination in the base.
Fernão Ornelas furniture Urban 6
The benches will also have charging cradles for electronic devices, be they computers, mobile phones or tablets. “

In the framework of the process of urban remodelling on Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, which led to the closure of much of the street to car traffic, the Municipality of Funchal begins this week to put the urban furniture. The area located in Largo do Phelps, which has been used for the sale of fruit, is already vacant for the corresponding intervention.

Moreover, this was “one of the points to which the Municipality of Funchal gave special attention to the urban renewal that took place in that emblematic artery of Funchal,” in the understanding that this should be,used more, not only a place of passage, but also to stop and relax.

According to the communication office of the Camara, “multiple places of rest and contemplation will be installed, particularly suited to the current situation, and with a concern to be framed with the surrounding space, pleasant and modern. They will be placed in the street with a format designed to value that space, all of them having their own lighting at the base, so that the street can increasingly be enjoyed at the end of the day, in addition to the existing lighting.

The Camara notes that these same benches ” will also have charging supports for electronic devices, be they computers, mobile phones or tablets”, also to utilise as much as possible the corners of the street, the area where it is installed, at this moment a fruit seller, will be moved so that the space can be taken advantage of by anyone, giving a new life to Largo do Phelps “, clarifying to the Authorities that” the seller of fruit will maintain the stand of sale in the same area “.