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It was around 2 am and at his aunt’s house where he was staying that Paulo Renato died, after five years of fighting cancer, these days with daily trips to the hospital, because he did not want to sleep there. According to reports by Martinha Rebolo to Diario Noticias, he died at his house, with his mother.

The nine-year-old struggled with cancer that began in his foot and which in the meantime spread and even affected his lungs. This dawn he lost the fight, not having come to Germany, as intended by the family.

The experimental treatment was to buy time. A campaign was launched to get 90,000 euros for this purpose, and managed to raise 8,000 euros in events and donations. The money was never used to bring Paulo Renato to Germany, nor was there time. The money raised in the solidarity campaign will, according to her aunt, be sent to other children who need treatment, donated directly, after consulting the hospital staff.

The family is handling the funeral, not sure where and when, but wants it to be in Sao Martinho. Her parents lived in São Roque, in a donated house that is being restored, so they were provisionally in her aunt’s house.

Paulo Renato left his parents, both unemployed, and a 16-year-old brother.

The boy had the desire to meet Cristiano Ronaldo personally, a dream that came true earlier this month.

“He was a warrior to the end,” said her aunt, a believer that after meeting the idol, the boy allowed himself to go.

The work for children with cases similar to Paulo Renato’s is to continue, says Martinha Rebolo, who will continue through Alma Lusa to create fund-raising events to help other children with cancer come up with innovative treatments early.