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This really is a place to miss on your visit to Madeira, and not a nice area to be in, The view is very nice so if you do decide to go, don’t go alone and have your eyes everywhere.

A car was robbed this afternoon, when it was parked at the Pico da Torre View Point in Câmara de Lobos. The assailants took with them a suitcase containing a mobile phone, a small amount of money and other items.

Filipa Caldeira says that she came, accompanied by her family, to the place and came across a coat on the floor. The situation was strange, but he thought it was a lost object.

However, she reports, she heard a woman yelling that she had been mugged. The victim, who was also accompanied by family members, said that she had left the car locked, with two coats covering the suitcase.

None of the attendees spotted the robbers who had used two stones to break the glass and extract from the car the suitcase that contained a wallet with a low amount of money, eyeglasses, documents, house keys and a mobile phone.

According to the witness, the police were there and took care of the incident. He added that the injured party will also be committed to attend the Regional Command of the PSP of Funchal, where the paperwork will be done, and for the car insurance.

According to and verified by the JM, there are still those who request that the surveillance be reinforced in this place.