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The PSP detained three men suspected of being part of a gang that robs storage areas in numerous buildings in Madeira . Diario Noticias knows that two of the suspects are charged with more than a hundred crimes against property.

It was possible to find out, the arrest took place last Friday. Two men aged in their 40s, known to the police for the nicknames of ‘Gama’ and ‘Palmeira’, are suspected of having burglarized and assaulted several storage rooms in collective housing buildings, especially in the municipalities of Funchal, Câmara de Lobos and Santa Cruz.

According to Diario Noticias, the two alleged perpetrators of more than a hundred thefts were intercepted by the police in the municipality of Santa Cruz, following a criminal investigation that aimed to catch the assailants in the act.

However, police action was not easy. The duo escaped by car, forcing the police to chase. 

The car that followed the two suspects ended up being surrounded in a dead end street, next to the bus station of Horários do Funchal, in Viveiros, in São Roque.