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TAP flight TP1695, due to leave Lisbon at 13:55 today, was cancelled “for operational reasons,” after the passengers had spent the afternoon inside the aircraft until about 6 pm.

According to reports from a passenger, the movement proceeded normally, but already inside the plane passengers were surprised by the delay in taking off. Passengers were informed that a breakdown would motivate a delay. Later, another commander’s statement revealed that there was a need for a passenger to be disembarked, it seems, for health reasons.

However, the wait did not stop here. A third communication reported that there was a fire in the vicinity of Lisbon airport, so visibility was compromised and it was necessary to wait a little longer until the necessary conditions for take-off were met.

Finally, the passengers were informed that the flight would be cancelled.

According to the same source, passengers were directed to the counter to be able to reschedule their trip. Frequent flyers were prioritised and the reason for this cancellation was stated to be “operational reasons”.Most Passengers should make the trip to Madeira today on other flights. 

From Diario Noticias