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Animad is “completely full”. “We are at this moment with a huge amount of animals,”  Orlando Vieira told Jornal Madeira, who launched an appeal for responsible adoption.

“We have hundreds of animals for adoption, but right now we have several baby dogs and cats, which are our priority,” he explained, explaining that “unfortunately, the older the animals are, the less likely they are to be adopted.”

With the arrival of summer, critical height, in which many animals are abandoned, Orlando Vieira is also concerned about a growing trend. “There are associations that offer everything and then people end up adopting without having well the notion of the charges that are necessary,” he laments. “We have several cases in the Veterinary Hospital of animals that have owners, but that these do not have money for the expenses of treatments. Adopting an animal takes some financial burden. “

I still say its a shame all these animal charities don’t get together and work together, making a stronger force against the government, and accepting help from all areas. Nothing will change if people don’t work together.