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20 members from Calheta Volunteer Firefighters and the helitransport team – are fighting the flames in Prezeres. Three other units are on their way, the commander of the said corporation, Jacinto Serrão, told JM.

The situation is not yet controlled, but if there are no unforeseen circumstances, it will not be necessary to request reinforcements from another corporation.

Weather conditions do not make work difficult and there are no signs of wind.

Residents in Prazeres, where the flames burn, report panic during the early hours.

Maureen Arel says she considered leaving the residence, but did not because of the sparks.

The American, resident in the parish since April, adds that due to the cloud of smoke could not open the doors or windows, until the time the firefighters arrived, after 1 am.

A video, filmed by herself, shows the flames very close to the homes.