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Some great videos with amazing views and scenery from these 3 young lads. Enjoyed the videos very much, and they absolutely fell in love with Madeira which is mentioned a lot in these videos.  Sometimes they were a little naughty, but boys will be boys……

Dylan, Will and I met on Instagram. Before this trip we had never met before. We decided to go to Maderia, Portugal, we had no idea what to expect of each other or the island.

My name is Joel Friend, and I am an aspiring travel photographer and videographer. I have travelled to over 26 countries across the globe, including a long 13 month trip around Asia and Oceania. Dylan, Will and l, met on Instagram as fellow content creators. We had never met before after talking on social media for a couple months, we were excited by the dramatic landscapes of Madeira and decided that we would all meet there to explore the island together. We spent 7 days on the island, and it exceeded our expectations with so much variety from the foggy forest of Fanal, to the dramatic coastline of the eastern peninsula. We all thoroughly enjoyed visiting the island, and I will certainly be returning again in the future!
Joel Friend   @joelfriendy