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From now on, bars and clubs will have reinforced security measures, including the installation of video surveillance in all areas of access to the spaces.

The changes come under a new law published in May amending mandatory security measures for catering or beverage establishments with dance halls or spaces.

The measures come into force today, providing bars and clubs with a three-year period to promote adaptation to the new requirements.

The new law extends the video surveillance facility, which now focuses on the interior and the public entrance, with video cameras covering all areas of access to bars and nightclubs, including staff entrances, and private car parks.

On the other hand, the police will be able to close or reduce the hours of bars and clubs in case of disturbances and have real-time access to video surveillance images.

The diploma states that the technical requirements for the viewing of these images by the police are defined by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The new law also establishes the obligation to have a security officer whenever the establishment has more than 400 seats, in addition to a security plan.

According to the document, the requirements of the security plan are set in a decree to be approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The security officer will have a duty to report to security forces behaviours of private security guards that violate their duties and obligations, and to ensure that private security guards comply with their duties and obligations under the private security law, and to inform the police of illegal acts. occurred inside bars and nightclubs.

The new law also requires establishments with more than 200 seats to have a security guard at each public access control, increasing the number of security guards in bars and nightclubs with over 250 seats.

The security guard may, in controlling access to establishments, carry out personal safety and security searches with the purpose of “preventing the entry of weapons, objects, devices or substances of legal use or possession that endanger the safety of persons and property ”shall, for this purpose, use the use of metal detection and explosive rackets or operate other magazine equipment.

Video surveillance must have an alarm system in place to alert security forces in the event of a disturbance justifying their intervention.

Taken from Diario Noticias