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Last August 10, one of the plants at the door of the Parish Council of Caniço was stolen in broad daylight, reports the local authority through a post on the Facebook social network page.

The unusual situation was captured by the surveillance cameras at the headquarters of the Board, which disseminates the images asking anyone who has information about what happens to contact them.

“The thief who took this plant (and gets dirty with so little) did not steal from the Board, but stole from the population of Caniço because the Board is not ours, is not the executive, is not the administrative, is all of us! It’s from Caniço ”, still reads in the same publication. The Parish Council of Caniço will have already informed PSP about what happened.

“And the thief, if you’re reading this, avoid the police complaint! Return the plant to its original space. We have no interest in filing a complaint about anyone, but neither will we tolerate or condone such an act, and if the plant is not returned before we identify the person who took it, we will be required to make the complaint official, ”concludes the publication.

This is not the first time that the Caniço Parish Council reports an unusual theft at least. Remember when, during the Christmas season, the chair of Santa Claus was stolen from the square of the church. At the time, the thief repented and returned the armchair a day later.

From Jornal Madeira