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Children up to 12 years old can join the James Arthur concert tomorrow at Santa Catarina Park, without a ticket, provided they are properly accompanied by ticket holders.

That’s right, recalled Dário Silva, from the Café do Teatro group, a moment ago, on his Facebook page.

“In response to all messages and phone calls, we report that children under 12 do not need a ticket to enter. It is mandatory to take the Citizen Card to prove. From the age of 13 you need a ticket to enter (You must be accompanied by a responsible person), ”he said.

Remember that tomorrow, the doors of Santa Catarina Park open at 6 pm.

From 7 pm onwards, the DJ’s of Café do Teatro, Nélio Fabrício and Celso Velosa, and RFM DJ’s Rich & Mendes will be on stage, with the beginning of the James Arthur concert scheduled for 22 hours.

There will be three large bar spaces with 20-meter benches, plus three other food outlets in the enclosure, with all restroom, safety and relief issues being safeguarded.

The enclosure is scheduled to close at one in the morning.

Taken from JM