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The CNN television station drew up on Tuesday a list of the ’12 Best Natural and Seaside Pools’ in the World and included Porto Moniz in this judicious selection.

This beach area located north of the island of Madeira is the first to be unveiled by CNN, which categorises the pools as “one of the biggest attractions” of the region.

“Formed over thousands of years by cooling volcanic lava, the natural pools of Porto Moniz are one of Madeira’s biggest tourist attractions. Salty baths are designed for easy access, with water steps and rails built around the perimeter. There are handy lockers for storing valuables and loungers as well. The water is crystal clear, with fish easily visible to anyone who fits a pair of goggles. At high tide, waves can get through the walls, so be careful, ”writes CNN, which in 2018 had already placed Porto Moniz’s pools on the list of the best in the world.

The other 11 pools

Porto Moniz natural pools, as mentioned, are at the top of this list, but they are not the only ones to be mentioned with regard to Portuguese territory. CNN has also chosen the Azenhas do Mar natural pools in Sintra (Lisbon), joining well-known places such as Treyarnon (England), Giola (Greece), Queen Joan’s Baths (Italy), Queen’s Baths (Bahamas). , Saunders Rock (South Africa), Kitsilano Pool (Canada), Bon Secours Plage (France), Bogey Hole (Australia), Walpole Bay Tidal Pool (England) and Copenhagen Harbour Baths (Denmark)

Taken from Diario Noticias