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A demonstration “Against the exercise of killing goats on the Desertas islands” surprised this afternoon all who are attending the ceremony of the departure of the Madeira Wine Rally on Avenida do Mar.

“Stop murder of goats in the desertas” reads a giant black poster placed by protesters at the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

The alert is also in English as this is a demonstration promoted by the local nucleus of a US-originated organization, ‘Action Action Everywhere – DxE’, dedicated to the protection of animals through public campaigns and actions such as this Thursdays event in Funchal.

According to the event created on Facebook, DxE intends to “open an inquiry into the process that led to the killing of the Goat Bugio and ascertain any responsibilities; immediately stop the extermination of the Desert Wild Goats until there are conclusive studies by a international and independent college of reputable scientists, regarding the uniqueness of the (still) existing species.

In the event that such a rarity does not exist in the still existing species, then the animals must pass through the slaughter through the reception in controlled areas in the Autonomous Region of Madeira “.

Taken from Jornal Madeira.