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Only 1,056 people had signed by this afternoon the petition ‘Against Floating Fish Farming in Ponta do Sol – Madeira’, whose private initiative that had as main opposition the Municipality of Ponta do Sol, emphasizing in the document, among other reasons for the citizen endorses the fact that the ‘start-up’ of a fish-farming facility consisting of two sets of 8 cages about 29 meters in diameter and 3 cages about 16 meters in diameter, which will occupy a surface area of ​​11,774 m2, Areas of Interest for Aquaculture.

Now, after all the controversy, the truth is that the quays of Porto do Caniçal are being set up and finalized to install the cages. Although we have not been able to confirm from a secure source who owns the large equipment, it will most likely be from OceanPrime – Madeira Mariculture, Lda.

As you can see there are at least nine cages, some still on land and five already at sea. The photographs were taken yesterday (Wednesday), confirming that the installation project is advancing. The question remains, as we have been unable to confirm, whether these cages really belong to that company or will belong to another project.

This is because at the end of April, the Diario reported that the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos was also displeased with the authorization given by the Regional Government for a “20-cage fish farm project planned to be installed in front of Fajã dos Padres and the Parish of Quinta Grande and off the Cabo Girão viewpoint ”.

Already at the end of June, we were also reporting that “boat movements at sea indicate a possible expansion or placement of more cages in the open sea aquaculture project in front of the Calheta municipality coast, a situation that is causing ‘heartache’ in the population, especially the parish of Arco da Calheta ”.

Taken from Diario Noticias