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A friend of mine is having a lot of trouble getting money back on a faulty fitbit from Worten .The fitbit is made by Samsung.

I bought this watch from Wortan, €200, expensive but the only one you can swim in. Went swimming two weeks, the watch is unusable. Samsung say they want €200 to repair it, there’s water in it. Please use link to warn other future buyers. The product cannot be warn in water at all, it a total scam! Only swam in it once. Five minutes in the rock pools at Porto Moniz.
I went back the guy in the repair shop, he said he would contact Samsung again. I told him I want my money back. This watch is total crap, the internet is full of complaints. It just lets water. If I can’t get anywhere, I’ll let you know.
I believe Worten need to sort this out as they sold the device and its their responsibility. The device has a 2 year warranty as with anything in Portugal, and its well within this time.