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City council began to place the benches with lighting. The street is still used for abusive parking.

Dr. Fernão de Ornelas Street, in Funchal, one of the busiest in the city, is undergoing works again. This time the installation of street furniture (benches), whose installation is almost completed, in addition to the square in Largo do Phelps, which will serve for multiple activities.

As promised by the Funchal City Council, when the pedestrian reopening on 16 May, with the works completed a new circulation scheme would be implemented from the following Monday, about three months ago, therefore, the section of the Dr. Fernão de Ornelas Street, between Largo do Phelps and Rua Ribeirinho de Baixo, would be exclusively dedicated to pedestrian traffic and emergency vehicle circulation, and for loading and unloading operations, traffic would be allowed within the usual time period, between 22h and 10h.

In this particular, it has been frequent, especially at night and on weekends, situations like these in the photos, with private cars abusing the parking, and also loading and unloading operations far beyond the permitted time (although in this case the photo was taken within the normal period), a situation easily verified with some supervision

On the positive side, the ordering given to the furniture of the increasingly better and more orderly terraces, in a street where (almost) everyone, residents and tourists pass by, surely many thousands daily and has even been used more by the parties. politicians campaigning. This street, which at both ends exclusively for passers-by, has removable barriers, but that does not prevent the most fearless drivers to get around the sidewalk.

Taken from Diario Noticias