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She was a well know English citizen, and owned the beautiful orchid gardens at Quinta da Boa Vista.

Our thoughts are with her Family and Friends at this sad time.

Elizabeth Hera Garton


A família da Sra Elizabeth Garton informa que a missa realiza-se amanhã, sexta-feira, dia 23, pelas 11 horas na Igreja Britânica, Rua do Quebra Costas, prosseguindo o seu funeral, após as cerimónias para cremação no cemitério de Nossa Senhora das Angústias, em São Martinho.

Elizabeth Garton’s family would like to announce that her funeral service will take place on Friday, the 23rd, at 11 am at the English Church, Rua do Quebra Costas. The cremation will follow at the cemetery of Our Lady of Angústias in São Martinho.



Was founded in the 1960s by the late Group Captain Cecil Garton, O.B.E., in the grounds of Quinta da Boa Vista, which had been in his family for the past 100 years or so, and where he himself was born. After 30 years in the Royal Air Force, latterly spent as Air Attache in Lisbon and Madrid, he retired to Madeira where he took over the post of Honorary British Consul and devoted himself to developing the Quinta garden and to growing orchids. Cecil Garton’s widow, Betty, is the daughter of Sir William Cooke, one of the pioneers of orchid breeding, particularly of Cymbidiums, besides being a collector of rare and beautiful natural species.

Both father and daughter served for many years on the Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society, and the Orchid collection then known as Wyld Court Orchids, near Newbury in Berkshire, received considerable recognition from the R.H.S. in the form of First Class Certificates, Awards of Merit and Medals, culminating in the distinction of Grand Champion Hybrid and Best in Show for a home-raised seedling at the British Orchid Council Congress Show. After inheriting these plants, Betty brought them to join the others in Madeira, where she is continuing the hybridising programme.

Apart from the development of exciting new hybrids, one of the most important projects now is the propagation of rare and endangered natural species, as their habitats in the wild are increasingly being destroyed. Their son Patrick began painting after leaving Oxford University, in 1990, with a degree in Botany, after which he pursued a horticultural career, spending three years at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, where he obtained their Horticultural Diploma. He is currently producing a series of watercolours based on orchids from the family nursery in Madeira, an exhibition of which recently received a Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society when displayed in their hall in Westminster. His sister Dorothy is also deeply involved in the natural world, her specific concerns being aromatherapy and herbalist, within the realm of ancient Hindu practices.