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“In two generations we have been able to make a monumental work”

Miguel Albuquerque visited the Fajã da Ovelha – Ponta do Pargo Expressway, a work of profound significance rooted in 43 years of Autonomy The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, visited Friday, 30 In August, the contract, now concluded, to construct the “Via Expresso Fajã da Ovelha – Ponta do Pargo – 2nd Phase”. “This festive act has a deep meaning for me.” Miguel Albuquerque’s first words served to evoke the path rooted in the last 43 years of the collective history of the Madeiran people. “We knew where we were going: development, progress through economic development, job creation, training and education of our young people,” he said. Today, after 43 years of the greatest historical achievement, – Political Autonomy – Madeira is no longer a region tutored by Lisbon and knew its people, the Madeirans and Porto Santo, build their democracy and decide their future. “We have not received lessons from anyone,” said the executive leader. “We don’t need someone to teach us to discover our destiny. We build Autonomy with intelligence, stability and social peace and with predictability and confidence in building our common future, ”he concluded.

The section of Via Expresso now concluded, between Fajã da Ovelha and Amparo, represents a regional government investment of around 20 million euros. Remember that, already in operation, but integrated in this work, is the section between Raposeira and the Fajã da Ovelha roundabout, which amounted to 15 million euros. In total, Via Expresso Fajã da Ovelha – Ponta do Pargo corresponds to an investment of around 35 million euros.