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Captain Lieutenant Mónica Martins continues to make history in the Portuguese Navy by becoming the first pilot commander of a new ship, in this case the NRP Sines, which will be on mission in the military zone of Madeira until mid-September.

As already published in our online edition, due to the increase in patrolling of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Madeira, which will reinforce the naval device in order to safeguard all tasks with special attention to those dedicated to security functions and State authority. at sea.

Next Sunday, the ship NRP Sines will arrive and will remain in the Region until mid-September, maintaining as its main objective to ensure the responsiveness to search and rescue situations. The NRP Sines is commanded by Mónica Pereira Martins, who was part of the first group of women to enter the Naval School. More than 24 years later, the military commands a group of 46 military personnel and is in charge of the latest Portuguese Navy ship.

NRP Sines performs public interest missions such as search and rescue, maritime surveillance, pollution control and drug trafficking.