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Fuel is beginning to run out of service stations on the continent due to rising demand driven by the announced strike of dangerous transport drivers, as has already happened in Faro (photo) and Caldas da Rainha.

The Region has seven filling stations that form part of the Strategic Network set up as part of the strike warning of hazardous material drivers.

The stations are located in Câmara de Lobos, at Rua Padre Pita Ferreira 152 with the brand REPSOL; in Funchal, the Via Cota 200 side A, under the REPSOL brand; Ribeira Brava, on Comandante Camacho de Freitas Street, under the brand name GALP; in São Vicente, in the Sitio do Serrado, under the brand name GALP; and in Santa Cruz, the only county with two stations, one GALP next to Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport and another REPSOL at Sítio da Lombadinha. In Porto Santo, the GALP station next to the airport is what fits in the list defined by the National Entity for the Energy Sector (ENSE).

All in all, five counties in the Region (Machico, Santana, Porto Moniz, Calheta and Ponta do Sol) have no emergency posts in the event of a strike.

The Environment Minister enacted a state of energy emergency yesterday, as part of the drivers strike notice for next Monday, 12 August, allowing the constitution of the network of filling stations and allowing the constitution of the Strategic Network of Gas Stations (REPA).

Under the REPA, 54 priority posts and 328 public access posts were established.

The Minister of Environment and Energy Transition also indicated that, in 328 stations open to the public, the maximum volume of gasoline or diesel is 15 liters.

However, REPA will only start operating from 0 am on Monday and should the standstill continue.

I believe Madeira holds enough fuel for 3 months, so I m not sure how much this strike will affect us, and the strike may well go on longer than just the one day.