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Four hours is the maximum time that Madeirans are waiting today at the Regional Directorate of the Administration of Justice (DRAJ), in the Loja do Cidadão, to deal with issues related to the Citizen Card.

The abnormal flow that is taking place today, which is expected to continue throughout the week, is a consequence of the strike of officials of the Registry and Notary Workers Union last week, which paralysed service at the Loja do Cidadão. Only the minimum services worked, ie one employee and only for urgent cases.

Given the number of people going to the services today, passwords were blocked at the end of the morning, and their reopening happened intermittently throughout the afternoon as the system dropped.

Until 3:50 pm, 204 ticket withdrawals were recorded.

The maximum waiting time recorded today was four hours, but the average waiting time is approximately one hour and 48 minutes.

The JM also found that today, 166 calls have been made related to the citizen card, and in addition to these calls, 96 deliveries of this document were made.

Despite the huge flow of users to this service, people are waiting serenely for their turn, as JM has found on site.