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The Mayor of São Vicente gives an “extremely positive” balance of the parties that during a week, especially from Wednesday to Saturday, will have attracted more than 100,000 people.

José António Garcês points out that many people went to the municipality and many also stayed overnight, in this case about five thousand people.

The mayor thinks that the business fabric, namely catering, hotels and local accommodation, in addition to the 80 tents present, will have benefited from the parties.

Regarding the 160 thousand euros invested by the City Council, Garcês says that “there is no direct return”, but one that “is poured into the local economy”.

On the other hand, thanks the sponsors’ private investment, made at the parties because it ‘relieves’ the municipality of more costs. For the future sees “less public investment and more private investment”.

As for any complaints about the noise produced on the holidays, José António Garcês says that “fortunately São Vicente does not have this problem”.

“Few people live in the village, and those who live understand that it is the county’s week and help to make things go well. In addition, some people from there [the village] take advantage of renting spaces and thereby withdraw some return,” he adds.

Taken from Jornal Madeira