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More than 3,700 bathers took advantage of the heat on Saturday to enjoy the Frentemar bathing complexes, despite the very high risk of exposure to ultraviolet radiation issued by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere for the Region (IPMA).

Until 4:30 pm, the Lido beach complex was the most frequented, with 1,791 tickets. Ponta Gorda received 1,098 entries; In third place was Barreirinha with 452 visitors and, lastly, the Dock of Cavacas with 452.

According to information provided to Jornal Madeira by the MarFunchal Front, this was not even one of the most frequented days this summer.

For those who, despite their warning, are not a regular for going to the beach, the IPMA’s recommendations to wear sunglasses with UV filter, hat, t-shirt, umbrella, sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun, especially children.