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The Regional Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Susana Prada, representing the Regional Government, presides tomorrow, August 31, 2019, at 12:00 pm, at the official opening of Pico Ruivo Shelter House.

“The requalification of the Pico Ruivo Shelter House is part of the Regional Government’s policy of making the region’s heritage available to the population, offering more services and providing greater comfort to all who enjoy the mountains and use the Recommended Walking Paths,” he says. note from the Secretar of the Environment.

He adds that “the house is located in an iconic location where several walking paths that cross the Central Mountain Massif come together. Its revitalization will make it possible to offer more services and better conditions to walkers and other Nature Tourism activities.”

Two floors and annexes of the house were rented to the Association of Owners of the Parish of Serras da Freguesia da Ilha.