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A plane of the English company Jet2 that made the connection Manchester-Funchal made an emergency landing today in Porto for”medical assistance”, said to Lusa source of ANA – Airports of Portugal.

According to the same source, “an emergency landing at the [Francisco Sá Carneiro] airport was requested for medical assistance to a crew member”.

“The landing was made safely and the aircraft was stationary on the runway until assistance was provided, leading to the runway closing for 33 minutes,” added the ANA source.

A source from Porto’s District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) told Lusa that the warning was given at 10:20 am and was concerned “an indisposition of the pilot, which was assisted by INEM”.

A source from the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) told Lusa that the team that was at the airport attended at 10:41 “the“ commander of an aircraft ”, 40 years old, and that the“ patient was transported to Pedro Hispano Hospital (Matosinhos) as a precaution ”, but which showed no“ signs of severity ”.

“We received a request to assist a 40-year-old male who would have passed out. After evaluation, the patient was taken to Pedro Hispano just in case, ”said the same source from INEM.

This emergency landing forced to close the runway of Sá Carneiro airport between 10:27 and 11:00.

The “emergency situation has already been overcome and operations are proceeding normally”, concluded the ANA source at Lusa, at 11:15.

The aircraft concerned is a Boeing 737.

Taken from Jornal Madeira