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The first class of Portuguese for Foreigners will take place on Thursday, 5 September 2019 at 10h00.

The VenueParoquia de Nazaré (The Nazaré Parish Centre) There is plenty of free off-street parking.

Rua Dr Barreto Nº2

Edificio Avista Navios 3J

9000-144 São Martinho



The Book:

Português Sem Fronteiras by Isabel Coimbra Leite e Olga Mata Coimbra. It might not be in stock so order it asap. It could take about a week for delivery.

An optional book with English explanations:

The Language Learner’s Guide to LEARNING PORTUGUESE by Russel Walker and Rafael Tavares (Averto Publishing) I have found this one very helpful. You might have to order it in England or on line: www.abertopublishing.co.uk

The suggested donation: €5.00 per hour per student, paid directly to the secretary in the entrance of the parish centre. I will be there as from 9h30 to introduce you, so do come early to get the admin out of the way before the class starts. The teacher is prepared to offer 2 classes per week, which means 7 classes in the month of September, amounting to a suggested €35 for the month.

I have explained that half of the donations will go to the teacher and half to the needy families of Nazare. I am not running a business. I am merely the organiser, happily sitting in on all the classes.

I look forward to meeting all of you at 9h30 on Thursday, 5 September at the Nazaré Parish Centre.

Thelma  ([email protected])