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The mayor of Calheta was concerned about the “strong suspicions of arson” in Lombo da Rocha, in Prazeres. Speaking to Diario Noticias , Carlos Teles recalled that the warning to Calheta Volunteer Firefighters came at 1:57 am, in a parish that usually has a high humidity rate.

According to the Diario, the Judiciary Police are in Lombo da Rocha to collect evidence that can prove the existence of an arson attack.

At the moment there are 20 firefighters, as well as eight firefighting means, including the helicopter, which has already been refueled and returned to Prazeres.

The mayor states that the flames are consuming the area between Hotel Jardim Atlântico and the commercial area near Via Expresso, and the fire is active. The flames no longer endanger the houses, although they have come close to some dwellings. “The main concern is not to let the fire pass an existing stream on the site, which would mean moving to the other slope,” adding the importance of protecting the houses.

“Hopefully things will go better in the afternoon,” said Carlos Teles.