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The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal officially confirmed last night the suspension of searches for a man who fell from a boat in the Seixal area, Porto Moniz municipality.

According to a press release, the search operation was carried out in coordination with the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Sub-Center and in coordination with the Regional Civil Protection Service, which were yesterday afternoon searching for the male individual of Portuguese nationality of 35 years old, missing in the Seixal area.

“The warning was given by the civil protection that he sent to MRSC Funchal at 5:20pm, and “in this action was committed, in accordance with the Navy Cooperation Protocol, the National Maritime Authority and the Madeiran Association of Relief at Sea, the SANAS Madeira lifeboat, in compliance with the Madeira Autonomous Region Integrated Maritime Rescue Plan, a lifeboat from Funchal’s lifeboat and the Forensic Diving Detachment from the Forensic Diving Group and Underwater Operations of the Maritime Police ”.

The search was suspended at 9:05pm and should be resumed at the first dawn of today (Sunday) he assures, having already taken over the local command of the Funchal Maritime Police.

Thanks to Heri Thiele who sent me the photos.