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The Maritime Police released today a statement alluding to the facts that happened in Calheta.

At 1 pm today, “the commander of a sea-going tourist vessel reported to the Maritime Police in Funchal that he had detected and collected a bomb-like sea object,” read the press release. .

The object was scheduled to arrive at Marina da Calheta at 2 pm, and the authority explains that instructions were given to the vessel’s crew “not to touch the object anymore”.

The Maritime Police add that it was asked “the ship’s Commander to share a photo of the object by e-mail.”

“Thus, the object was identified, after all as a position marker at sea, whose active component is a derivative of phosphorus, which reacts with water and the atmosphere, combustion and producing smoke,” says the same entity.

Upon arrival at the port, passengers were evacuated, as were those in a nearby restaurant, an action supported by the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR). “A Maritime Police team was immediately projected on the scene and requested support to the PSP Calheta Squadron, whose staff arrived first and found that the vessel had already docked and evacuated its passengers and crew (14 people in total), moving the hazardous object near the refuse collection point within the berthing area, which required the evacuation of all persons in a restaurant within the safety perimeter with a radius of 150m, set according to the specifics of the matter. with the additional support of the BIR / PSP, and with the prompt cooperation of all ”,

That said, the authorities detonated the object. “The smoke marker in question was safely removed and destroyed by the Explosive Engine Inactivation and Underground Security Team of the Public Security Police’s Regional Command of Madeira.”

Also in the same note it is mentioned that the device “counted on the commitment of Calheta Volunteer Firefighters and the collaboration of the Marina Administration”.

Normality was restored at 16 hours.