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Did you know Madeira has its very own Snail Farm.

The meat of snails is a healthy, delicious and nutritious food that can be served both at high-end restaurants as well as at a family dinner at home. It has multiple advantages over other types of meat.

Our snail Farm is located in the mountains, at 800m elevation, surrounded by one such eucalyptus forest, providing excellent conditions for healthy lives of our snails.

Our snails are bred in a closed-type greenhouses, providing the opportunity for more control of different conditions such as wind, frost, sun and rain. We are able to oversee and control all ins and outs of our production process. The fact that our greenhouses are covered and kept closed protects our snails from birds and animals.

Being located in the mountain forest – we are protected from the pesticides that could be used by other neighbouring fields, simply because there aren’t any!

Consumer always knows that the snails are being kept under perfect conditions, supervised by skilled farmers, are perfectly healthy and controlled by local authorities.

Check the Artisan Snails Website Here.