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The transfer operation of 35 prisoners who arrived at lunchtime from Madeira Airport to Funchal Prison (Cancela) was completed in about half an hour, with security provided by dozens of PSP agents and prison guards.

As the Diario advanced this morning, these inmates came from various prisons on the continent and requested a transfer to the Madeira jail. The air transport was carried out using a Portuguese Air Force Hercules C130, which parked in the easternmost area of ​​Madeira Airport. Three vans and a minibus entered the runway and gathered the inmates near the rear ramp of the plane. They then went by convoy on the expressway, escorted by several PSP vehicles, including the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR). The arrival at the jail took place at 13:30.

These are the first 35 prisoners of 70 who are being transferred to the island.

No sure why so many are being moved to Madeira, some say it mush more secure here on the island.